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Buying Process


Conduct a needs analysis

Navigating the home buying journey can feel mysterious. Our seasoned agents rely on expertise, local insights, and industry connections to guide you through finding your dream home. With our prior experience, we'll gather vital data, ask key questions, and kick-start your path to homeownership. Let's get started!


Get your finances in order

Our current focus is to align all financial aspects, securing a sturdy financial base for when your dream home arises. Leveraging our trusted network of lenders and financial professionals, we'll refine your credit, establish precise affordability for home and down payment, and secure formal loan pre-approval. The aim is to fortify your standing as a formidable contender in the market.


Shop for a home

Let’s dive into the enjoyable phase! Together, we'll craft a "wish list" encompassing your desires for both your new home and community. Balancing your preferences with your budget, we'll tap into our local knowledge and professional network to locate a place that fulfills all your wishes. Shopping for a home is an exciting journey, so embrace the fun!


Make an offer and negotiate

You've discovered your ideal match and are prepared to make an offer! We’ll assist in crafting a balanced, data-backed offer through thorough market analysis and prepare the necessary purchase agreements. Utilizing adept negotiation skills, we'll navigate contingencies, ensuring you spend wisely. If the first offer doesn’t pan out, we're geared up with a strategic plan for the next steps.


Conduct a property inspection

Once your offer gets accepted, you have the option to inspect the property. If you choose this, an independent licensed inspector will thoroughly assess the home's condition. A home inspection uncovers hidden issues, serving as a potent negotiating tool and invaluable property insurance. If concerns surface, we'll collaborate on strategies for the best way forward. You're nearing the finish line, and avoiding a house full of headaches is crucial at this stage.


Get the final financing approval

Navigating this phase can be intricate, yet our experience ensures a streamlined final stage of loan approval without overwhelming you. We’ll diligently track your transaction's progress, keeping you informed about any unforeseen funds required. Collaborating with your lender, we ensure all essential paperwork is in place for a seamless closing as we approach the finish line.


Congratulate yourself on your new home!

Escrow might feel like an overwhelming mountain of details, but the breathtaking view from the top makes it all worthwhile. Brace yourself for a plethora of paperwork—we’ll guide you through each signature. A few days prior to closing, we’ll conduct a final walk-through together. When both parties sign the closing statements, the keys to your new home are yours! It’s time to celebrate this milestone, embracing your new home and the fresh chapter it brings to your life!


Current Listings

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You have questions. We have answers

How Do I Find The Value Of My Home?

Most home value sources will give a good general ballpark, but the prices do fluctuate up and down constantly. Contact us to set up a daily automatic email that will inform you of all the homes on the MLS surrounding yours. Over time, you will better understand the value of your home as you compare your home to similar ones on the market. Knowledge is key and we’ll set you up with the tools to help you make the best decision. If you’re listing with us, our agents will provide you an honest up front price range on what you could expect your house to sell for.

What's The Secret To Selling For The Highest Price?

Every seller wants the answer to this question. There are many factors that contribute to answering this question, but there's a reason our listings typically sell for 5%-10% more than other agent's listings. We add value with our expertise! Talk to us to find a unique solution for you.

Is It A Buyer's Market Or A Seller's Market Right Now?

Market inventory is the best indicator to whether it's a buyer's market or seller's market. When there’s more supply than demand, it’s a buyer’s market and when there’s more demand than supply, it’s a seller’s market. To learn what the inventory is like in your neighborhood, ask for our free local market report today.

What Do You Charge For Commission?

We have flexible commission plans customizable to fit your situation. We are competitively priced and we will never be undersold. Contact us today to find out more.

We Know You Have More Questions!

All education comes at a price, except for the answers to your home buying and selling questions. Talk to us today for your free, no pressure consultation presented in the comfort of your own home.

Still have questions?

Reach out to us and we'll answer any of your questions.

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